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Venice Beach – Eclectic and Elegant

Venice Beach

Los Angeles’ vibrant Venice Beach has a shade of color for everyone!   If the eclectic shops and iconic boardwalk doesn’t excite you, the elegant beach views will.  Here are some great sources of entertainment when visiting Venice Beach.


Totally Rad Art

Venice Beach’s bohemian boardwalk has a lot to offer.  Just walking up and down the eccentric walkway is enough to keep you entertained all day.  In the 50s & 60s, Venice beach was the center of the Los Angeles art scene and its colorful culture still thrives today. The local artists – street performers, painters, musicians, knick-knack makers – are what keep Venice alive and spirited.   When visiting Venice Beach, keep a piece of this wild culture with you by purchasing a uniquely-Venice art piece.

Muscle Beach Venice

If you’ve had your fill of psychedelic art for the day, stop by the trademark training center for all of LA’s most muscular men & women – Muscle Beach.  This famous, outdoor gym is right on the boardwalk with fabulous views of the beach.  Many famous athletes, notably Arnold Schwarzenegger, trained at this gym when it had its original name of The Venice Weightlifting Pen.  This name distinguished it from the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica before its current title, Muscle Beach Venice.  A popular spot for fitness folks and observers alike, Muscle Beach Venice is a must-see when visiting Venice Beach.

Venice Canals

A stark contrast to its urban boardwalk, the Venice Canals is a side of Venice, CA usually only seen in Venice, Italy.  Built specifically to resemble Venice, Italy, the Venice Canals are man-made canals which can be toured via gondola.  A gondola reservation can be made through sites like getyourguide.com.  The canals wind through opulent California homes while transporting you to an Italian adventure.   On your Los Angeles vacation, be sure to treat yourself and see a more elegant side of Venice Beach.


There is no doubt that groovy Venice has tons of activities to entertain anyone.  If the neighboring city of Santa Monica is on your list of places to visit, check out this post on what to do when visiting Santa Monica.  When visiting Venice Beach, come for the radical reputation and stay for the welcoming, colorful culture.