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Top 3 Ways to Relax While Visiting Ojai

There is no better way to spell relax than O-j-a-i.  Visiting Ojai, California is never anything short of relaxing in luxury.  With Stunning landscapes and endless activities, Ojai is a vacation you’ll never want to end.  Here’s how to get the most out of your downtime while visiting Ojai.

#1 Retreats

Retreat Center

If you are planning on visiting Ojai, consider joining in on one of their many retreats.  From yoga and spiritual retreats to nature retreats, the city has plenty of themed getaways for anyone looking to relax.  Check out all the retreats offered on the Ojai Valley Retreat Center website.  

Visitor’s Bureau

If you don’t find a retreat that works for you or you want to plan your own stay in Ojai, check out the Visitor’s Bureau site.  It lists every hotel, inn, B&B, and resort Ojai has to offer with all the amenities.  The website also offers package deals for spa services for folks who want a truly luxurious experience.


#2 Tastings

Olive Oil

Ojai Valley is known for the way they utilize their beautiful landscape to make responsibly sourced food.  Try something a little different when visiting Ojai and go olive oil tasting at the Regalo Tasting Room at the Omaggio farm.  You can taste cold pressed extra virgin olive oils grown and pressed right there on the farm as well as their selection of gourmet balsamic vinegars imported from Italy.


Of course, nothing says California countryside quite like wine tasting.  Treat yourself to wine tasting at the Ojai Valley Vineyard Tasting Room.  With their “hands-off” approach, the staff at the Ojai Valley Vineyard let the wine age naturally without too much manipulating or filtering, allowing the unique taste of their wine to shine through.  

Farmer’s Market

With miles and miles of beautiful farmland, make sure you taste what that land has to offer at the Farmer’s Market when visiting Ojai.  You can see exactly where all their produce (and non-produce) is farmed on the website.  If you are visiting Ojai on a Sunday, this is the best way to get a taste of the Ojai community.


#3 Activities

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts …celebrates the life and work of Beatrice Wood while presenting exhibitions, performances, and educational opportunities.”  They even offer student exhibits from the nearby Happy Valley School.  You can check out their schedule of events during your stay.


There are plenty of hiking trails in Ojai for all experience levels.  If you are looking for something a bit more leisurely to take in that stunning Ojai view, try the Rose Valley Falls Trail.  It is an easy hike that leads to a lovely waterfall where you can enjoy a picnic lunch.  


Ojai is like an artist’s paradise.  If you are an artist or are looking to get into the Ojai art spirit, take an art class!  Ojai offers tons of resources for artists.  Here is a list of the top art classes in Ojai on Yelp.  

With all the luxurious retreats, tastings, and activities Ojai has to offer, you’ll never want to leave!  Make sure you see everything on this list when visiting Ojai to ensure the utmost relaxation.