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Teaspoons Loyalty Program

Get Free Leads for Your Activity on Hello Cheffy™

profile activityWith our loyalty program, you’ll earn Teaspoons just for keeping your profile active and bidding on client quote requests. Redeem Teaspoons for free leads through our website. Here’s how you’ll earn Teaspoons:

> 50 for joining the Chef Network (new chefs only)

> 20 each for uploading a profile photo, uploading a cover photo or uploading a meal image (maximum of three)

> 20 for getting a customer review (up to five reviews)

> 20 for adding recent employers to your profile (Partner Chefs only)

> BONUS 100 monthly for an active profile*



> 100 for booking a client through Hello Cheffy

> 50 for Chef referrals who successfully join the Chef Network (must use affiliate link)

> 35 for safe food handling certification

> 35 for liabiity insurance

> 35 for complete background check

> 30 for attending monthly business reviews (Partner Chefs only)

> 5 for replying to quote requests (with no compliance issues)

> 15 for bidding on quote requests within 24 hours (bids must include a menu and an initial price)


Teaspoons may be redeemed for bid opportunities. Each bid requires 100 Teaspoons. Bids purchased with Teaspoons incur no additional fees. Teaspoons earned may take up to 14 days to post to your account.


* Chefs who maintain an active profile will receive 100 Teaspoons per month. If not used, these Teaspoons expire at the end of the month in which they are granted. Our Teaspoons Program ensures that you will receive at least one FREE bid each month (subject to available quote requests in your area).

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