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7 Tips for Covid-19 Wedding Receptions

With so many weddings being canceled or postponed, you might be wondering when things will settle down enough to have your big day. Officials have proposed plans for reopening the country with strict guidelines. Some states are starting to open again, but what does that mean for gatherings like weddings? There will be lasting effects of the pandemic, especially if you plan to have your event as soon as you can. You probably have questions about how this will affect your wedding plans, especially with your wedding reception. Here are seven answers to questions about wedding receptions, during and after the pandemic.

Where should wedding receptions take place?

Outdoor venues are much better than indoor venues in terms of social distancing. It is much easier to space people and tables apart and to allow space for people to walk without getting too close to each table. An open area means ventilation will be much better as well. Keeping this in mind, make sure tables have weights and centerpieces that can withstand a breeze to ensure your meal goes off without a hitch.

How many guests should be at wedding receptions?

Post Covid-19, smaller and more intimate weddings and receptions will become the new norm. It is easier to practice social distancing and makes your guests safer. With fewer people at your wedding reception, you and your guests can feel safer when everyone removes their masks or gloves for dinner. Plus, your dining staff won’t need to interact with as many people. A wedding reception with fewer people means you’ll only have the people closest to you. It can help cut costs while still allowing you to celebrate and stay safe.

What about masks and gloves?

It isn’t easy to eat and drink with a mask and glove on, and you don’t want to eat with ones you’ve been wearing all day. Consider providing masks and gloves after the meal to allow guests to comfortably enjoy the rest of the festivities.

How should guests sanitize before eating?

Sanitizing stations will be a necessity at an event as big as a wedding. With an intimate wedding, plan to set up one or two at your venue. Everyone should be able to wash their hands with warm water and soap for 30 seconds before eating. Hand washing stations can help your guests wash up quickly without overcrowding your venue’s bathrooms, even if it’s your backyard. You can also provide individual hand sanitizers or warm sanitizing towels at each place setting as party favors.

How should wedding receptions serve meals?

Plated meals may become the new norm. You don’t want your guests coming into contact with the same serving utensils, so reconsider self-serve buffets and family-style meals. Having staff stand behind dishes and serve food from the buffet could prevent this, but waiting at different stations could lead to crowding. Plated meals could reduce the number of close interactions between guests. Servers should wear gloves and masks when serving each course.

Will seating be affected?

To comply as best as possible with social distancing guidelines, planning ahead will be critical. Seat guests with members of their household if in attendance. People living in the same house don’t need to be six feet apart, so this should be taken into consideration when creating a seating chart. You’ll also want to make sure people from higher-risk categories are seated appropriately to help them social distance.

Should I get a caterer or a personal chef?

Personal chefs have always been great options for weddings. They will bring sufficient staff to support your wedding; and you’ll be helping local chefs. They bring everything they need and can cook at your venue. Or if you’re having a backyard wedding, they can cook at your home as well. You can also easily do a food tasting at home with a personal chef. Cooking will be on-site, which means the least amount of contamination and everything will be fresh for your guests. Since you will likely be having a smaller reception, a personal chef is a more economical choice than a full-service caterer. You get great, personalized food and you can have a smaller staff on hand.

A personal and intimate wedding reception is the best way to go post Covid-19. It is a great way to save on costs, and it helps keep you and your guests safe. Celebrate your new marriage while safely connecting with the ones you love.