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A Simple Guide to Planning an Intimate Wedding

Plan Your Intimate Wedding

From services such as photography and fancy cakes to venues and wedding planners, weddings are costing so much more than a pretty penny. The average wedding now-a-days costs over $32,000 and if you live in a big city like Los Angeles or New York, that number can easily double. Due to the stress of this financial burden, many couples are choosing to ditch the idea of a big blow-out wedding and instead have Pinterest-inspired, DIY more intimate wedding. This trend is becoming a popular alternative to the exhaustive pish-posh of a traditional wedding. Listed below are some ways to have a charmingly intimate wedding.

Prioritize the Budget

The obvious first step is to figure out what your budget is. A good way to do this would be to prioritize your wants. Make a list of things that are most important and least important to you. Consider this prioritized list made by a couple preparing for their nuptials:

1) Beach location

2) Vegetarian food

3) Reputable photographer

4) Dream dress

5) Orchid bouquet

Obviously, for this couple, it is very important that they have a beach location and vegetarian cuisine, so these things should be taken into high consideration when creating the budget. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to spend most of the budget on these things. Since the flowers and the wedding dress are near the bottom of the list, these are the things to be flexible about – maybe they’ll use seasonal flowers or maybe the bride will borrow a dress.

Keep the Guest List Small

This is probably the most challenging part to having an intimate wedding. You don’t want to hurt feelings, but you don’t want your quiet backyard wedding to turn into a claustrophobic collection of 2nd and 3rd cousins twice removed. Only you can know who is appropriate to invite, but similar to the budget, , I suggest making a prioritized list. Start with the obvious – immediate family, best friends – then expand. When making your guest list, think about the people who would be there for you in five years when your marriage not-so new. That should help to narrow it down.

Choose an Intimate Venue

When you’re going for intimacy, a venue is where you have the potential to save some major cash. There is no need for a large venue with a small guest list and there may be no need for a formal venue at all. See whose backyard is large enough to host. Check out local parks and beaches. Keep in mind that sometimes an inexpensive permit is required to hold your space. Consider renting a home on Airbnb for a day and ask the owners if they wouldn’t mind you having a small backyard wedding at their place. With a small wedding, you’ve got plenty of options!

Hire a Private Chef

Last, but most important in my book, is food! The thing I look forward to the most when attending the wedding, apart from seeing people I love tie the knot, is definitely the food. When you are looking for an intimate dining experience for your personalized, small wedding, what could be more personal than a personal chef? Hiring a personal chef for your wedding gives that intimate, elegant feel to your wedding and absolves you and your wedding party from needing to do any meal planning or cooking.

Solidifying your commitment to love is the main priority when planning an intimate wedding and anything that detracts from that doesn’t belong in that space. So, go! Tie the knot, and don’t forget to have fun!