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Planning a Family Reunion Everyone Will Enjoy

planning a family reunion

Is planning a family reunion making you feel more overwhelmed than anything else? Take a load off! Here are some ways you can release some of that burden so it’s not all on you.

Take a Poll and Find Out What Everyone Wants to Do

Take a poll! Trying to do something fun for your 99 year old great grandmother and your 13 year old niece is a challenge, so don’t put that burden solely on yourself. Brainstorm a few ideas you think might be fun and take a vote. Try an app like Survey Monkey. You can email the survey to everyone (or one person per family) and get a read on what the fam wants to do. Survey everything from venue to activities.

Get Other Family Members Involved

Planning a family reunion should not be a solo project. Don’t be shy about delegating tasks to other family members. You know that one aunt you have who is always digging into the family history? Ask her to make up a family tree and make copies for everyone. As for all those dusty photo albums in the back of your Grandma’s closet, ask grandma or someone else to go through them and pick out some good photos you can scan and make into a slide show. Get creative, but don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself.

Find the Best Location

Choosing a place to have the reunion can be tricky if your family is spread out. Using the poll-taking method could work nicely for this situation. Choosing a central location that is less expensive to fly in and out of could be a nice solution for everybody even if it means more people are traveling. The traveling dilemma – and cost – is also why giving people plenty of notice when planning a family reunion is ideal. Family members can plan and buy their flights early when they’re less expensive. Travel sites like Kayak not only show the differences in flight and hotel prices for different dates but they can also tell you if prices are likely to increase.

As an added tip – check to see if there are any major events happening in your destination city around the time of your reunion. Try to plan around these events as this can make travel prices go way up.

Make Meals a Part of the Reunion Experience

This is actually one of the more fun (and tasty) things to plan! Look into your heritage and discover what foods are indigenous to your culture. Better yet, in the spirit of delegation, hire a private chef and tell them your heritage. They may be able to come up with a delicious menu that speaks to your family’s culture which could absolve you of the stress of figuring that out yourself.

Stay Connected

It can feel so good to reconnect with distant family members and remind you of your roots, culture, and community which can make for some bitter-sweet goodbyes. Keep that good feeling going by having everyone sign in and write down their e-mail address and other contact info. Then, connect with everyone monthly or bi-monthly by using an email platform like Constant Contact to create a family newsletter. Highlight what’s going on in everyone’s lives and share what’s going on in yours! This small extra effort throughout the year will keep you all connected beyond holidays and the occasional family reunion.

There is nothing better than feeling loved. If you keep that in mind when planning a family reunion, then there is no way you can go wrong. Everyone will leave feeling so loved and so much more connected.