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How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost?

Personal chef cost

If you are curious about hiring a Personal Chef but not sure if you can afford it, Hello Cheffy has your back.  We broke down the details of what exactly you’re getting when you hire a chef. Below we outline elements of a typical Personal Chef cost.

What is a Personal Chef?

Although the terms “Personal Chef” and “Private Chef” are often used interchangeably, they are actually distinctly different.  

A Personal Chef may be hired for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or bachelor/bachelorette parties.  A Personal Chef can also be used for short term and long term assignments.  For instance, a family may not have time to do their own grocery shopping or cooking with the arrival of a new baby or when the a household member is recovering from surgery.  In this case, they hire a Personal Chef for a short term assignment.  A Personal Chef may also be hired for ongoing service.  Busy families, senior citizens, and folks with special dietary restrictions are likely to need a chef for long term assignments.  Personal Chefs are often paid a fee for service.  They can be hired through Hello Cheffy for special events or temporary assignments.  

Conversely, a Private Chef is typically hired to come to a family’s home and cook meals on a regular basis.  Private Chefs are normally employed by their client on a part-time or full-time basis and are often paid a fixed salary.  

How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost?

The cost of personal chef services depends on a few factors.  Prices can be made:

  • per meal or per person (with kids usually at a lower price) and/or
  • at an hourly, monthly or event rate 

Keep in mind that for certain holidays–Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day–chefs are in higher demand.  Prices may be higher during these peak seasons.

The distance a chef is required to travel as well as the chef’s experience level are also factors affecting the Personal Chef cost.  Included in the cost of your Personal Chef is:

  • meal planning,
  • grocery shopping,
  • prepping,
  • cooking, and
  • serving, if needed

Hiring a chef is as affordable as dining out. Fees are generally similar to restaurant prices with a few noted benefits:

  • personalized service,
  • service in the comfort of your own home (or venue of your choosing), and
  • no markup for alcohol because you’re able to bring your own!

What Does Hello Cheffy Do?

Hello Cheffy connects you with a chef from an extensive network of Personal Chefs who provide services for special events and short-term assignments. You are even able to calculate a minimum budget on our request page to estimate the cost of an event.  The Personal Chef you select will create a custom menu for you and your guests, based on the quote details you provide.  

Now that you know what’s included in the cost of a Personal Chef and what factors to consider, you can give us your event details, select your chef, and enjoy your restaurant-quality meal made at home!  Hello Cheffy has your back.