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The Chefs

Hello Cheffy provides you with access to our network of professional chefs. Our chefs have experience as personal and private chefs for celebrities, entertainers and business professionals. Many have experience in fine dining in luxury hotels and the best five star restaurants. All of our chefs have a passion for creating culinary experiences that delight hosts and guests.  Chefs who are part of our network have successfully completed our vetting process.



Our chefs have satisfied minimum culinary experience requirements. After completing an application, chefs are interviewed and references are checked.


Safe handling certification

All chefs in our network have successfully completed coursework in food safety certification.

background check

Background check

All chefs must consent to a background check. The background check is handled by a third party and it is free for potential network chefs.



Great way to get a personal chef for a home party. Chef Steven was excellent and everyone really enjoyed their dinner. I highly recommend him.
We are so happy with how everything went, how tasty and beautiful the food was, and the care Chef Mel demonstrated for our party.
Chef Nidhi was such a pleasure to work with She was professional and well prepared. The food was delicious! I truly enjoyed planning this dinner party with her.
Chef Wayne created some amazing culinary dishes that our whole bachelorette party enjoyed! I would definitely use him for another event!