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Gift and Celebration Ideas for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary

fifth wedding anniversary

People have been celebrating anniversaries for centuries.  As traditions progressed over the years, themes have developed for each year and the way we celebrate has changed.  One thing has stayed the same, however, and that is the integrity of a devoted marriage. 

In this post, we focus on ways to commemorate a fifth wedding anniversary.



The traditional gift theme for a fifth wedding anniversary is wood.  Wood is said to represent a strong and solid commitment, which anyone who has been married five years can attest to.  A custom-made wooden box by woodengiftbox.com can be a unique and meaningful gift.  The company have tons of customizable options from wine boxes to jewelry boxes.  From chic West Elm shelves to crafty Etsy wood carvings, there are tons of wooden gifts to commemorate the strength in your commitment.

Silverware and Sapphire

In lieu of wood, a more modern tradition tends to be silverware.  Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of beautiful flatware and silverware suitable for any anniversary celebration gift.  As a shimmering alternative to wood or silverware, sapphire is also a gift themed for the fifth anniversary. The American Gem Trade Association named sapphire the official gemstone of the fifth anniversary.  So for those of you celebrating with your wife or needing to drop a hint to the hubby, female-centric sapphire jewelry is a brilliant idea!


An Intimate Evening

When celebrating a milestone anniversary, nothing beats an intimate evening alone.   While cozy and casual Netflix nights are great for your ordinary weekend hangouts with your significant other, hiring a private chef can really raise the romance level.  Allow yourself to relax in the intimacy of your own home with a gourmet meal to break up the routine.  Take a load off and have the extra glass of wine – you won’t have to drive home!

Family and Friends

If you know someone whose fifth wedding anniversary is coming up, show your support by celebrating their milestone with them.  Hire a private chef to come to their home and reunite the wedding party.  A great way to do this could be to recreate their wedding menu – perhaps with a special five year anniversary twist!  Reminisce over the past five years of tender moments with tender meats and delicious veggies.

Whatever the gift or however the celebration, a fifth wedding anniversary is evidence of a solid commitment of love.  Whether you’re celebrating your own anniversary or that of someone close to your heart, you now have plenty of elegant ways to share in that love.  Celebrate love every day – happy anniversary!