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How to Throw a Successful Co-ed Baby Shower

co-ed baby shower

More and more women want to celebrate the new life they’re bringing into the world with the women and men who will be supporting them on this new journey of parenthood with a co-ed baby shower.  It takes a village to raise a child.  For many women, there are loving men in their lives who are part of that village and should be included in this celebration of new life.  Below are a few ways to throw a successful co-ed baby shower.


Mommy or Daddy?

Write out a list of funny facts and/or stories from the childhoods of the mom and dad. Guests can guess whether the story is about mommy or daddy.  

Songs with “baby”

Give guests five minutes to come up with as many songs with “Baby” in the title as they can. Whoever gets the most at the end of five minutes wins.

Time Capsule

Have your guests bring something that is “cool” from the new child’s birth year to put in a time capsule for them to open at a predetermined time.  For guests who can’t or don’t bring something, they can write down some of the top music for that year or a sweet memory they have of the parents from that year.

Food and Drink


For the pregnant mama and those not drinking alcohol, “momosas,” or “mocktails” (crafty, non-alcoholic beverages) can be served.  Men and those who are consuming alcohol can have beer in honor of the baby “brewing.”

“Baby” food

Finger food, or small bites served as “baby” food can be a fun way to serve up some appetizers.  Baby carrots, sliders, and grilled baby broccoli are just a few ideas.


Everyone, especially guys, loves a good BBQ.  Isn’t it convenient that it can easily fit into a baby shower theme?


Baby succulents

Tiny succulents are adorable, plentiful, and inexpensive.  Giving your guests a tiny life of their own to take home is an adorable, gender neutral way to send them off.

Baby drinks

Almost all hard alcohol comes in a convenient shot size that can be found at nearly any grocery store these days. Guys and alcohol drinkers will certainly appreciate these babies.


For kids or non-drinking guests, sending them home with a soda-pop and a little bag of popcorn is a fun way of saying the mom is about to “pop!”

Parenthood can be a tough, but rewarding journey.  If there are men in the village to help with that journey, they should be there to celebrate from the beginning.  A co-ed baby shower is a great way to honor all the men and women in the village.