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How to Explain Your Personal Cook to Your Practical Mom

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So, you either have a personal cook or you’re thinking of getting one. That’s great! You’re going to have delicious food every day and it’s going to be awesome… until you realize you’re going to have to tell your mom. Which might not be a big deal for some, but it might be a huge deal for those who have a very practical mom. 

Maybe your mother believes the best meal is one cooked yourself, which might be true, but maybe you’ve taken cooking classes and you still manage to burn scrambled eggs. Or maybe you don’t have time in your busy schedule and you just don’t like eating out. 

Either way, you’ve got to explain your personal chef some way to your mom. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some solid arguing points.

Your personal cook is not expensive

Just think about how much money you would spend eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, each week. And we’re not talking about those quick drive-thru meals or to-go meals. No, your personal chef makes you restaurant-quality meals that’ll last you the week, and the cost of that is far less than what you’d pay to eat three meals out at a restaurant. You can ask for a free quote today to compare to how much you spend a week eating out.

They save time

You’re a working adult who has things to get done with tight deadlines. Your personal cook goes out to get the finest ingredients for your meals, so you don’t have to go grocery shopping, and then they bring them to your kitchen to prepare and cook. After, they’ll package it away for you to eat throughout the week. When you come home late from work, you just reach into the fridge and pull out a fresh container of your favorite food and heat it up. Take it with you to work for lunch. Your personal chef saves you so much time. You can go out into the world and be the successful adult who still has time for hobbies and living life.

They cook healthy, home-cooked meals

Maybe your mom thinks that, since you’re getting delicious food all the time, you’re not being healthy. Everything will be made in your home with fresh ingredients, and you can see everything that goes into your meals. You can verify that nothing is processed or unhealthy. Plus, your personal meals will prevent you from stopping by the fast-food joint you always go to. Your mom will be proud.

Your personal cook isn’t a random stranger

You didn’t find your personal chef off the street or just bump into them at the grocery store. No, this special person who cooks for you knows what they’re doing, and they’re ready to cook for you. If your mom thinks you’re inviting a complete, random stranger into your home, you can kindly explain that Hello Cheffy only has reputable chefs. They have experience and they love cooking for you!

It’s like having a best friend who cooks for you

Okay, we’re not saying you’re paying for a best friend. You’ve got plenty of those already. But just like your friend knows your favorite food and dangerous allergies, your personal chef know exactly what to make and what ingredients to avoid. Your personal chef is here to cook for you and make your life easier and your food yummier. So yeah, your chef is your best friend who cooks for you. 


But jumping back to allergies. Your personal cook knows your dietary restrictions, and they’re cooking in your home with fresh ingredients. If you have a nut allergy, your home kitchen will likely be free from all nuts and your personal chef won’t bring any food or ingredients containing nuts anywhere near. Your mom will have peace of mind knowing your food won’t be contaminated inside your home. Restaurants are good at keeping cross-contamination to a minimum (like with bacteria and viruses that lead to food-borne illnesses) but they aren’t usually able to avoid cross-contact (food touching other food) like your personal chef can.

At the end of the day, moms just want the best for you. They want to be sure you’re using your money wisely, eating healthy, and just keeping safe. Talk to her using these points, but let her try a meal your personal chef cooked first. She’ll be much more accepting after eating something delicious and healthy!