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Hiring a Personal Chef: 9 Things You May Not Know

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You might think you know everything about hiring a personal chef from watching actors on TV or reading about celebrities’ chefs in real life. But there is so much more to a personal chef than that. Here are some things that might surprise you about personal chefs.

Personal chefs are hired for different occasions

You can hire a personal chef for a one-time special occasion or daily meals. Hire a personal chef for whatever needs you might have. At the start of the week, your personal chef can cook up enough food for you to eat throughout the week; just heat up a meal when you get home from work or whenever you’re hungry. 

All chefs are different

No two chefs are the same, so every meal you get will be unique and flavorful for you. If you want sushi, we’ve got someone for you. Italian food? No problem. Most times, chefs have multiple specialties, so you’ll have a variety of meals from your chef. Whether you decide to try different chefs or keep the same chef, you’ll get a variety of different foods to eat at your special event or every day.

Hiring a personal chef is affordable

When you hear the term “personal chef”, you might instantly think hiring one is out of your budget, but they’re actually not that expensive. Compare the cost of eating three meals a day, seven days a week, to hiring a personal chef. Depending on who you choose to hire, the cost of a personal chef may be the same price as eating out, but oftentimes, it’s cheaper. You’ll get all the specialness of hiring a personal chef while saving money.  You can get a free quote today to see for yourself.

Personal chefs are not private chefs

Fun fact, personal chefs are not private chefs. Although they might sound the same, the main difference is personal chefs often have multiple clients like families or for events while private chefs only have one, and they can be live-in. Just a fun fact.

Hiring a personal chef means no grocery shopping

You’ll save so much time each week not having to do grocery shopping. Since your personal chef is doing all the cooking, they’ll have their shopping list of ingredients and walk down the aisles of the market for you. Hiring a personal chef won’t mean you’ll have to add ingredients for them to cook; they’ll take care of it for you.

They accommodate your dietary restrictions better than a restaurant ever could

Everything is being cooked in the clean environment of your home. Fresh ingredients are brought straight to you to be cooked, so there is no risk of cross-contact, or when any food you can’t eat touching the food you will be eating. Restaurants have huge kitchens that send out so many meals, and chefs there can’t give their undivided attention to one meal. A personal chef can.

They prepare restaurant-quality meals

Most personal chefs have years of experience working in restaurants creating tasty meals every day. When you hire a personal chef, you can rest assured they know what they’re doing. They’re bringing their restaurant experience straight into your home. You’ll get a private, personalized meal that is fit for any restaurant.

They come when it’s convenient for you

If you schedule with enough time ahead, you can agree on a time that works best for you. Hiring a personal chef will not get in the way of your busy schedule because it’s supposed to make life easier for you! As long as you give them enough time and schedule with them, you’ll have an appointment whenever you need it to be

Hiring a personal chef is possible for any event

Birthday coming up? Got it. Backyard wedding? No problem. Baby shower? Bridal shower? Anniversary? Business dinner party? Whatever the event, you can find a personal chef who can cook a special meal for everyone. 

Did any of these points surprise you? If they did, why not try a personal chef for yourself? Hello Cheffy has a huge variety of chefs who want to cook for you and your guests. See if you can see all of these points at the end of your amazing experience with delicious food.