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Food and Beverage Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party

When throwing a bachelorette party there are so many fun ideas to think about.  While whimsical themes and bridal trivia games are on the mind, food plays a big role in this gathering of “the girls”.  Why not make food and beverages a memorable part of your bridal party celebration?


Make your carefully chosen nuptial food and beverage choices an event!  Wine tasting is quick to come to mind when thinking about tastings.  No need to go to a winery, pick up some wines you’ve always wanted to try at Total Wine or your local wine shop and have a DIY tasting at your bachelorette party.  Not into wine? Make your own tasting event with craft beers, teas, coffees, cheeses, cakes, and much more.


If you’d rather have a unique offering of beverages at your bridal gathering without making an event out of it, having a beverage bar is a great idea!  Great ideas for mimosa, coffee, tea, and even margarita bars can be found on Pinterest.  A little creativity can go a long way and you can still “preview” your drinks with your bachelorette party guests.

Finger Foods

Enough about drinks, let’s talk food!  Finger foods are a great idea for a bachelorette party as they offer guests the freedom to eat intermittently between games and socializing.  It is also easy to make themes out of finger foods and spreads can be set up to look like part of the décor.  Small bites also work well if you decide to do a tasting – great for pairings!


Of course, if you’re hosting a brunch or a dinner, guests are going to be hungry for more than appetizers.  A palatable way to make this portion of your bridal gathering stress-free is by hiring a private chef!  There is already so much to think about when planning a bachelorette party.  Delegating the major task of planning a whole meal will lift a burden off of your shoulders.  In fact, a private chef could take care of any of the ideas on this list for you!

Planning a bachelorette party is exciting.  While themes, games, and decorations are dancing around in your head, you now have an inspiring list of how food and beverages can complement your ideas in unique ways.  Happy planning!