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Finding Balance at Home With a Personal Chef

finding balance with kids

Balancing the task of cooking for your family daily with all your other duties as a mom can be a challenge. From the time spent cooking each day to the energy expended trying to plan meals, it can feel more and more like a dreaded chore. But with a little help, you can find a balance between everything and cooking. If you often find yourself feeling exhausted from cooking every day and need help finding balance in your busy life, consider a personal chef to cook a few meals weekly for your family.

Find more time

Cooking three healthy and tasty meals every day for your family takes time. How many hours a week do you spend preparing ingredients before you even begin to cook them? How long do you take to plan out the meals for your week before you hunt down the best deals at the grocery store? According to a study conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on American time use, “moms spend an average of 68 minutes per day on meal preparation”. That’s almost eight hours every week. Eight hours you could be saving with a personal chef.

There are so many things you are doing every day as a mom. You can be using the time you spend cooking to spend time with your children, your significant other, or yourself. You deserve some downtime to do something you like. You don’t have to completely hand off the task of cooking for your family to a personal chef, but letting them prepare a few meals for you would give you back time. Finding balance with time can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Provide nutritious meals

When hiring a personal chef, you can discuss the meals you would like prepared for your family. You can make sure your personal chef cooks meals that have enough servings from each of the food groups for your family. While you’re getting the convenience of ready-made meals, you’re still getting home-cooked meals prepared in your kitchen. Your personal chef will only be using high-quality ingredients to make a healthy meal that will help your little ones get the nutrition they need to grow strong.

If your family has any allergies or dietary restrictions, a personal chef can accommodate that. They will be cooking in your kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about any cross-contamination or cross-contact. If getting takeout is difficult for you due to dietary restrictions, a personal chef is a perfect choice for you. You’ll get restaurant-quality meals prepared with ingredients you know will be safe in your family. It’s one less thing to worry about every day.

Save yourself energy

As a mom, there are a million things to do all the time. Between running around the house, watching over your kids, and cooking three meals, you probably find yourself exhausted at the end of each day. Maybe you want to have more energy to do something for yourself. Too tired to get to a project like organizing your house? Allowing a personal chef to take on cooking enables you to use the energy you had to do what you want. A personal chef is that they clean your kitchen after cooking, leaving it how they found it. Don’t waste your energy scrubbing at hard to remove food left on a casserole dish after eating. Your personal chef will have already done it for you.

It’s not easy finding balance in your life as a mom. However, with the help of a personal chef, you can save time and energy from cooking while still keeping your family happy and fed. You can make time for yourself and allow yourself to recharge every day. And if you love cooking, you don’t have to have a personal chef cook every meal. Find a balance here, so you can find joy in cooking without seeing it as a chore.