Crocs Men’s and Women’s Bistro Clog Shoe Review

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I love shoes but I need a pair of the best chef shoes, those that are comfortable, affordable, and look good. When I first saw the Croc Bistro Clogs, I was surprised. Clog-type shoes don’t fill me with confidence, but I was ultimately pleased with these shoes, and were super comfy to wear too. Even on longer shifts, the Crocs Bistro Clogs were soft on my feet.

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The clogs are specifically designed for those in the healthcare and hospitality industry and are incredibly easy-going on the feet. They offered me a snug but comfortable fit. The Crocs lock slip-resistant treads are ideal in many settings, including the food service industry, and offer greater protection for the toes too.

Avoid Nasty Toe Injuries with the Enclosed Toe Design

These chef shoes are cost-effective and are designed with comfort and protection in mind. One of the more impressive features of the Crocs is their enclosed toe design. I love how simplistic the design is but how effective it can be for your feet. The clogs are far stronger than you might realize. They are made thicker to help protect your feet from accidental spills, trips, and falls. The toe area has been specifically designed with a thick metatarsal to keep your feet safe. The footbeds are fully contoured which helps to make them comfortable to wear, regardless of how long you wear them.

Toe injuries are not pleasant, but the Crocs bistro chef shoes are incredible. Their enclosed toe design does help to keep your feet safer should you drop or spill something on them. That might just prevent serious injuries too.

Slip Resistant and Little Maintenance

I couldn’t be happier with the Crocs and one of their standout features is how easy they are to maintain. Despite what you think, shoes need proper maintenance if they are to last several years; fortunately, soap and water is all you’ll need. You don’t need to put a lot of effort or time into maintaining the shoes, a quick wipe down does the trick and dries quickly too. There is also the slip-resistant tread which prevents slips.

Men and women can both enjoy these shoes as they offer the complete package. You get better traction and are less likely to slip on wet surfaces. The Crocs are impressive because they make you feel safe while wearing them.

Features and Specifications

  • They Are Fully Imported and Made from High Quality Materials
  • Comes With a Thermoplastic Elastomer Sole for Added Comfort
  • A Heel Increase Of 0.65inches, Suitable for Most People on Their Feet Throughout the Day
  • Great For Hospital, Food, And Healthcare Industry Workers
  • Great As Nursing and Best Chef Shoes
  • Supportive and Lightweight
  • Slip-Resistant and Minimal Maintenance Required
  • A Roomy Fit and In Terms of Size, You Might Benefit from Ordering One Size Down
  • An Enclosed Toe Design Protects the Feet with A Thicker Metatarsal to Offer Added Protection for Toes
  • Fully Tested and Certified as Comfortable Shoes

Customer Reviews and Scores

Currently on Amazon, these chef shoes have received over 38,900 reviews and has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. That is an impressive score count and shows you exactly what to expect. There are more 5-star reviews than anything else combined, at 78%. Only 5% gave 3-stars.

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However, one of the more interesting negatives of these Crocs shoes must be their overall look. One person in particular highlighted this issue. While they praised the shoes, they felt the actual look of them was disappointing. It’s understandable because the clogs aren’t going to win any beauty contests, but they do the job. The clogs are built for comfort and getting through long shifts without your feet feeling the effects. While the image mightn’t overly impress, they have a nice subtle look and are comfortable too. That matters and ensure your feet are safer while in the kitchen.


The Crocs Men and Women’s Bistro Clogs are ideal for those in the hospitality, food, and healthcare sectors. You get great comfort, design, and a simplistic design. These are made with quality materials and are light, supportive, with a smart toe protect feature. You can’t get better chef shoes. I love how great these look and enable your feet to feel good.

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