Chef Works Women’s Springfield Chef Coat Review

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Choosing the best chef coats for women is crucial. I’m a trained chef and spend eight hours a day in the kitchen, so, my chef’s coat is an important tool for me. I wear it every day; it’s more than just my uniform, it’s what keeps me from getting food on my clothes. When I’m in the kitchen, I don’t like to wear my outdoor clothes, I want a chef’s jacket that keeps my clothes dry and makes me look professional. My kitchen is busy; there are five of us in there in total and things do get hectic.

It’s a busy kitchen and we’ve all got our jobs to do; accidents do happen, unfortunately. I spill food over me all the time and get splash back from when I’m working the ovens and preparing sauces. It’s a common factor for me so I need a chef’s jacket that is reliant, durable, and comfortable to wear. When I first saw the women’s Springfield Chef Coat, I loved it and wasn’t disappointed.

Specifically Designed for Women in Mind

Chef jackets need to provide a snug but comfortable fit. You don’t want a jacket that is too large as it gets in your way while you’re preparing meals. I hate it when my jacket is too big because I need to keep rolling the sleeves up and it’s not a good look. Fortunately, the Chef Works Women’s Springfield Chef Coat is designed specifically for women. That is fantastic because every woman has curves and needs a chef’s jacket that compliments their figure.

You can get a tailored-made fit which feels more professional and comfortable. You can move around without feeling hampered by the jacket. Best of all, since it’s designed for women, it does offer a more flattering look. It takes curves into consideration and offers a more versatile design than others.

Award-Winning Cool Vent Technology

I hate being stuck in a hot kitchen but that goes hand-in-hand with being a chef. It’s unfortunate but a necessary part; that doesn’t mean I want my clothes sticking to me. Fortunately, the Springfield Chef’s coat allows for a more breathable experience. You get cool vent technology and that means the fabric used to create the jacket helps to release heat and moisture. Basically, you don’t boil in the jacket and that really makes for a more comfortable experience in the kitchen.

Features and Specifications

The Chef Works Women’s Springfield Chef Coat comes with many features, those include:

  • Convenient Zipper Closure That Makes Chef Coats for Women More Versatile.
  • Has A Hany Right Pocket on The Sleeve, Suitable for Notebooks Or Your Cellphone.
  • Made from Cotton and Polyester
  • Easy to Clean

Customer Reviews and Scores

Chef’s jackets need to be reliable and long-lasting so that you can comfortably wear them during the day. Fortunately, the Springfield has many impressive reviews on Amazon. Currently, there are 1,962 reviews on the site and of those reviews, the chef’s coat has an overall score of 4.7 out of 5-stars. That is impressive and most people do agree how great the jacket is. However, there are one or two issues, namely, the jacket being slightly larger than expected.

Fortunately, this is easily corrected as you can order a size down. It really depends on your shape and frame; it might be easier to opt for a smaller size to get the best fitting. This chef’s jacket is highly recommended because it is easy to maintain and has breathable fabric.


A chef’s coat isn’t just there for health and safety measure, or even hygiene, it’s there to protect you against spillages. There is nothing worse than accidentally splashing hot food across yourself while cooking. It’s painful and frustrating. Fortunately, with the Springfield chef’s coat, you can avoid that faux par. When you’re searching for the best chef coats for women, this Springfield is a viable contender as it offers great value for money.

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