Chef Code Men’s 8 Pearl Button Chef Coat Review

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Finding the best chef coats are important. I work in a busy kitchen. I’m constantly on my feet and I do make a mess. Even though the customers don’t see me, it’s important I wear a clean and easily recognizable uniform. I lead a team of cooks and they need to know I’m their leader. I always try to set a good example by the way I look; so, I like to look professional and wear a chef’s coat that makes me feel good.

In the kitchen, I get messy. I get splash back by food I’m preparing and there is always something that gets spilled. It’s a natural part of the kitchen, but I also need protection from those things. I’ve been burnt a few times, from soup to chili, and everything in-between. So, I need a chef’s coat or jacket that is safe to wear. The Chef Code Men’s 8 pearl button coat is a great option to look into.

8 Pearl Buttons

The Chef Code is truly a comfortable, but unique coat. It features 8 pearl buttons. While you mightn’t think that isn’t anything too special, it is fully embellished so gives a nice professional feel to it. It looks great and makes you look like a true professional. You have a double-breasted front finished with the button fasteners. This allows you to get a second layer of protection, so even if you were to be splashed by food, this second layer, may help lessen the impact. That is very important and ensures you aren’t unnecessary injured. The pearl buttons have the engraved Chef Code on it also.

Easy Access Pockets

There is nothing more important than getting easy access to your pockets. You might think this isn’t a major factor when choosing a chef’s coat, however, it is. With the Chef Code men’s 8 pearl button coat, you get easy access pockets. You’ll notice when the coat was designed, the pockets were strategically placed so that you can easily reach and access the pockets when necessary. You have a patch pocket on the left-hand side, a thermometer pocket, and pen pocket. You have enough pocket space for all those little kitchen essentials you need at your fingertips. It’s ideal, to say the least.

Features and Specifications

  • Imported Chef Coats to Give a Luxury Feel
  • A Simple Button Closure
  • Made From a Mixture of Polyester (40%) And Cotton (60%)
  • Comes With a Sleeve Thermometer Pocket
  • Is Machine Washable
  • Has A Beautiful 8 Pearl Button Design
  • Comes with Double-Breasted Closure for Added Protection
  • Durable and Soft to Touch

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Chef Code men’s 8 pearl button jacket is a great option for you in the kitchen. Suitable for professionals, line cooks, and at-home enthusiasts, the chef’s coat is durable. It has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This is the score of over 250 reviews. However, as with most things, the jacket does have a downside. Some find the sizes are a bit off. There have been a few issues with the jackets coming up a bit big, in some cases a touch too small.

Fortunately, you can easily rectify this by opting for a slightly smaller size, depending on what you feel is suitable for your body type. For instance, if you want more room, you could order your normal size or go one up. On the other hand, if you prefer it to be a little on the snug side, opt for a size down. It all depends on your body shape and what you feel is most comfortable. This coat is highly recommended too.


A chef’s coat should look good, feel great against your skin, and protect you from spillages. The chef code men’s 8 pearl button jacket is a fantastic option to consider. It is durable, versatile, and has plenty of pocket space for all the little necessity in the kitchen, such as your thermometer, pen, and paper. You will love how well the coat has been designed and can give you ample room to maneuver too. When you’re searching for the best chef coats, this Chef Code 8 pearl button jacket is a fantastic one to consider.

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