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Halloween party

Halloween Party Planning for the Party Monster in You

That time of the year is finally here – pumpkin spice themed drinks, sweaters and scarves, cool weather – fall is here!  ‘Tis the season for butternut squash soup, hot buttered rum, and yes, Halloween parties! Everyone is pumped for pumpkin season. Here are some tips for your ghoulish gathering this year.

Get Creative with Theatrical Themes

It may seem like a Halloween party theme is obvious, but there is so much room for creativity!  There are, of course, certain obvious and kid-friendly options such as a Harvest Festival or Nightmare Before Christmas.  These types of Halloween parties are a blast and have so many creative possibilities.  If you’re a more die-hard day of the dead fan, you could base you party off of a more adult movie such as The Shining or Carrie.  However, a Halloween party can really hop with interactive themes such as Murder Mystery or Haunted House.  Theme possibilities are abundant and Pinterest has the motherload!

Enjoy Festive Food

After choosing a festive theme for your Halloween party, you may be wondering what wicked food will match it.  Search no further than your party’s very own private chef.  When you hire a chef using Hello Cheffy, you can discuss a menu sure to make all your party monsters mad with merriment.  Plan everything with your chef from eerie appetizers to devilish desserts – even some creepy cocktails!  The possibilities are endless with a private chef.

Use Décor to Die For

Of course your décor depends on your theme, but once you’ve chosen a theme for your Halloween party, head on over to your favorite discount store!  Pinterest is often the #1 go-to for any DIY party décor.  If you’re not feeling very do-it-yourselfy, places like World Market and Target definitely have your back.  World Market always has unique décor for any occasion, especially holidays.  Target also has amazing décor and can sometimes surprise you with the treasures to be found in their dollar section!

Whatever your Hallow’s Eve theme, there is food and décor to match.  Now you’re equipped with inspiration!  Stay spooky, party monsters.


Hire a Catering Chef

Hire a Catering Chef for Your Next Party

Party planning can be a major headache, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Holidays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, weddings, family reunions – no matter what the celebration, hiring a catering chef will turn an event into THE event!

It’s Convenient

Let’s be honest, we have been spoiled by Netflix and Amazon and every other service that makes it easy to never leave home.  We can now have our date nights at home and just about anything can be delivered to us.  But, we work hard to keep a roof over our head, so we ought to really enjoy the comforts of home! Having the party come to you, with a catering chef, is an invaluable convenience.  And, restaurants simply cannot provide the intimacy of being at home.  So celebrate the sweetness of home by hosting your parties at your house.

It’s Chic

The ambiance of restaurants and fine dining have an alluring appeal.  But, a catering chef can tastefully provide a similar air without the crowd of a restaurant.  Catering chefs can create gourmet, restaurant-quality meals in your own home.  Without a doubt, when your guests see what exclusive treatment feels like, they are sure to see your swanky soiree is truly chic.

It’s Customizable

Being able to have a personalized experience is the main draw to hiring a catering chef.  There’s nothing like being the only party in the place!  You get a unique, VIP experience when hiring a catering chef. What’s more, you can talk to your chef about menu options that suit the specific needs and desires of you and your guests.  From meals customized for dietary restrictions to themed party preferences, a home dinner party gives you the flexibility to explore creative ideas with a trained culinary professional.

With a convenient, chic, and customized experience, hiring a catering chef may be the easiest party decision you’ve ever made. Hire a catering chef with a dash of class, a pinch of panache, and voila – your party’s a smash!

fifth wedding anniversary

Gift and Celebration Ideas for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary

People have been celebrating anniversaries for centuries.  As traditions progressed over the years, themes have developed for each year and the way we celebrate has changed.  One thing has stayed the same, however, and that is the integrity of a devoted marriage. 

In this post, we focus on ways to commemorate a fifth wedding anniversary.



The traditional gift theme for a fifth wedding anniversary is wood.  Wood is said to represent a strong and solid commitment, which anyone who has been married five years can attest to.  A custom-made wooden box by woodengiftbox.com can be a unique and meaningful gift.  The company have tons of customizable options from wine boxes to jewelry boxes.  From chic West Elm shelves to crafty Etsy wood carvings, there are tons of wooden gifts to commemorate the strength in your commitment.

Silverware and Sapphire

In lieu of wood, a more modern tradition tends to be silverware.  Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of beautiful flatware and silverware suitable for any anniversary celebration gift.  As a shimmering alternative to wood or silverware, sapphire is also a gift themed for the fifth anniversary. The American Gem Trade Association named sapphire the official gemstone of the fifth anniversary.  So for those of you celebrating with your wife or needing to drop a hint to the hubby, female-centric sapphire jewelry is a brilliant idea!


An Intimate Evening

When celebrating a milestone anniversary, nothing beats an intimate evening alone.   While cozy and casual Netflix nights are great for your ordinary weekend hangouts with your significant other, hiring a private chef can really raise the romance level.  Allow yourself to relax in the intimacy of your own home with a gourmet meal to break up the routine.  Take a load off and have the extra glass of wine – you won’t have to drive home!

Family and Friends

If you know someone whose fifth wedding anniversary is coming up, show your support by celebrating their milestone with them.  Hire a private chef to come to their home and reunite the wedding party.  A great way to do this could be to recreate their wedding menu – perhaps with a special five year anniversary twist!  Reminisce over the past five years of tender moments with tender meats and delicious veggies.

Whatever the gift or however the celebration, a fifth wedding anniversary is evidence of a solid commitment of love.  Whether you’re celebrating your own anniversary or that of someone close to your heart, you now have plenty of elegant ways to share in that love.  Celebrate love every day – happy anniversary!

Food and Beverage Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party

When throwing a bachelorette party there are so many fun ideas to think about.  While whimsical themes and bridal trivia games are on the mind, food plays a big role in this gathering of “the girls”.  Why not make food and beverages a memorable part of your bridal party celebration?


Make your carefully chosen nuptial food and beverage choices an event!  Wine tasting is quick to come to mind when thinking about tastings.  No need to go to a winery, pick up some wines you’ve always wanted to try at Total Wine or your local wine shop and have a DIY tasting at your bachelorette party.  Not into wine? Make your own tasting event with craft beers, teas, coffees, cheeses, cakes, and much more.


If you’d rather have a unique offering of beverages at your bridal gathering without making an event out of it, having a beverage bar is a great idea!  Great ideas for mimosa, coffee, tea, and even margarita bars can be found on Pinterest.  A little creativity can go a long way and you can still “preview” your drinks with your bachelorette party guests.

Finger Foods

Enough about drinks, let’s talk food!  Finger foods are a great idea for a bachelorette party as they offer guests the freedom to eat intermittently between games and socializing.  It is also easy to make themes out of finger foods and spreads can be set up to look like part of the décor.  Small bites also work well if you decide to do a tasting – great for pairings!


Of course, if you’re hosting a brunch or a dinner, guests are going to be hungry for more than appetizers.  A palatable way to make this portion of your bridal gathering stress-free is by hiring a private chef!  There is already so much to think about when planning a bachelorette party.  Delegating the major task of planning a whole meal will lift a burden off of your shoulders.  In fact, a private chef could take care of any of the ideas on this list for you!

Planning a bachelorette party is exciting.  While themes, games, and decorations are dancing around in your head, you now have an inspiring list of how food and beverages can complement your ideas in unique ways.  Happy planning!

Happy Father's Day

Your Go-To Guide for a Great Father’s Day Gift

Buying gifts for dads is hard. Why does it seem as though there’s always more Mother’s Day gift options than Father’s Day options? You can always buy your mom a candle, quirky household décor, or an accessory like a scarf or a pair of earrings. It’s not so easy to find a gift for dad, which is why it is helpful to have a guide like this!

Do the DIY

Making a Father’s Day gift is a heartfelt and cost-effective way to show dad you care. If you have kids, this is the clear choice. If there’s one thing moms and dads have in common, it’s that they’re suckers for handmade gifts from their young children. But what can you make for your dad that isn’t made of macaroni? There are tons of great ideas on everybody’s favorite DIY digital stop: Pinterest. They have plenty of options from beer caddies and mugs to BBQ tool holders. You can even search for “DIY father’s day gifts from adult”. Your dad is going to love your gift made with love.

Go-Go Gadget Dad

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that dads love gadgets. This may not always be the most inexpensive option, but if you have a little cash to spare on this gift, this is something your dad will definitely gush over. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to this gift option, try a gadget accessory instead. There are so many accessories out there that you can find at bargain prices, especially with a Costco membership. Iphone or Android phone case, Ipad or Android tablet case, camera bag, laptop bag – if there’s a gadget, there’s a case or a bag to protect it.

Family History Fun

One thing that makes my dad really happy is when I express interest in our family history. If I ask him a question, he will go on forever with a story. Why not give him some facts to back up those treasured anecdotes? Check ancestry.com for Father’s Day subscription deals. An ancestry kit would be the perfect gift for the story-telling dad, and it could truly give you both a lot of insight into your ancestral history. What a lovely gesture to show your dad how much you care.

Food is Fuel for the Heart

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (mine too!). What better way to make all the dads in your life feel loved than by hiring a private chef to serve your family in a little backyard soiree? This is a great way to get everybody together – dads, grandpas, and uncles alike – to make great memories. When you consider the time, energy, and money you would spend buying gifts for all these awesome dads, hiring a private chef really pays off! Creating the feel of restaurant dining in the comfort of your own home is a Father’s Day gift that will make the men in your life really feel like the dapper dads they are. Check out this blog post for tips on how to throw a low stress dinner party.

Whether you’re making a gift on a budget or feeding them fanciful feasts, dads are happy just to spend time with us. With that in mind, don’t stress too much about your Father’s Day gift. Dads have a way of knowing we love them.

planning a family reunion

Planning a Family Reunion Everyone Will Enjoy

Is planning a family reunion making you feel more overwhelmed than anything else? Take a load off! Here are some ways you can release some of that burden so it’s not all on you.

Take a Poll and Find Out What Everyone Wants to Do

Take a poll! Trying to do something fun for your 99 year old great grandmother and your 13 year old niece is a challenge, so don’t put that burden solely on yourself. Brainstorm a few ideas you think might be fun and take a vote. Try an app like Survey Monkey. You can email the survey to everyone (or one person per family) and get a read on what the fam wants to do. Survey everything from venue to activities.

Get Other Family Members Involved

Planning a family reunion should not be a solo project. Don’t be shy about delegating tasks to other family members. You know that one aunt you have who is always digging into the family history? Ask her to make up a family tree and make copies for everyone. As for all those dusty photo albums in the back of your Grandma’s closet, ask grandma or someone else to go through them and pick out some good photos you can scan and make into a slide show. Get creative, but don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself.

Find the Best Location

Choosing a place to have the reunion can be tricky if your family is spread out. Using the poll-taking method could work nicely for this situation. Choosing a central location that is less expensive to fly in and out of could be a nice solution for everybody even if it means more people are traveling. The traveling dilemma – and cost – is also why giving people plenty of notice when planning a family reunion is ideal. Family members can plan and buy their flights early when they’re less expensive. Travel sites like Kayak not only show the differences in flight and hotel prices for different dates but they can also tell you if prices are likely to increase.

As an added tip – check to see if there are any major events happening in your destination city around the time of your reunion. Try to plan around these events as this can make travel prices go way up.

Make Meals a Part of the Reunion Experience

This is actually one of the more fun (and tasty) things to plan! Look into your heritage and discover what foods are indigenous to your culture. Better yet, in the spirit of delegation, hire a private chef and tell them your heritage. They may be able to come up with a delicious menu that speaks to your family’s culture which could absolve you of the stress of figuring that out yourself.

Stay Connected

It can feel so good to reconnect with distant family members and remind you of your roots, culture, and community which can make for some bitter-sweet goodbyes. Keep that good feeling going by having everyone sign in and write down their e-mail address and other contact info. Then, connect with everyone monthly or bi-monthly by using an email platform like Constant Contact to create a family newsletter. Highlight what’s going on in everyone’s lives and share what’s going on in yours! This small extra effort throughout the year will keep you all connected beyond holidays and the occasional family reunion.

There is nothing better than feeling loved. If you keep that in mind when planning a family reunion, then there is no way you can go wrong. Everyone will leave feeling so loved and so much more connected.

Personal Chef in Los Angeles

Hiring A Personal Chef in Los Angeles

It never fails. At several meetings, all over Los Angeles, everyday, somebody, somewhere arrives late because of traffic. Most Los Angelinos believe that traffic patterns are getting worse. It’s indicative of just how popular and crowded the area has become. But there is an upside: the population density is what makes it easy to find a personal chef in Los Angeles. In other areas where fewer people reside, finding a personal chef might be a challenge. But, the LA metro area has 17 million people! That’s a lot of mouths to feed.

The entertainment market is a boon for personal chefs in Los Angeles. Nearly everyday there are film crews filming all over the region. These crews have to eat. There are catering companies and personal chefs who cater to this market. There are directors, producers, actors and other entertainment professionals who hire personal and private chefs to create healthy meals for their busy lifestyles. And, of course, there are great restaurants throughout southern California. All of this activity attracts talented culinary experts.

What exactly does a personal chef do?

Hiring a personal chef is like hiring a cook and a kitchen manager. Personal chefs handle menu planning and even develop unique recipes. They can customize a dish to your liking, personalizing dishes for any dietary restrictions or preferences. They will shop for groceries for the meals they prepare. And, after a personal chef has prepared your meals, they will clean your kitchen, leaving it just as they found it.

Why hire a personal chef?

Personal chefs are hired for different reasons and occasions. You can hire a personal chef to cook daily meals. Daily meals may be prepared in advance or cooked-to-order so that every meal is freshly prepared. Sometimes, personal chefs are hired on a temporary basis to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for medical or lifestyle reasons. You can also hire a personal chef for a special event. Meals for special events are often prepared on-site. Hiring a personal chef can add panache to any anniversary dinner for two, birthday party, bachelorette party or holiday gathering.

Now you know what to expect when you hire a personal chef for your next party. Hiring a personal chef in Los Angeles can take a bit of effort. At Hello Cheffy, we make the process easier by having a network of talented chefs available to you in one place. When you’re ready, just know they are out there.

Cheers to you!