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Memorial Day guide

A Guide to Your Best Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day weekend is a popular weekend to camp or go to the beach, but that also means crowds and traffic.  Hosting a Memorial Day BBQ in your own backyard is a great way to seize the three day weekend without dealing with the crowds.  Below is a guide to your best Memorial Day BBQ.

Set the Tone

When imagining the sounds of a relaxing Memorial Day BBQ, the sizzle of the grill is often accompanied by good music.  Much like the food itself, music will set the tone for your at-home get together. If you want your guests to lounge, some easy listening stations on Pandora Radio such as John Mayer, Frank Ocean, or Erykah Badu will soften the space.  To encourage a more lively atmosphere at your Memorial Day soirette, upbeat and kid-friendly artists like Imagine Dragons, P!nk, or Kelly Clarkson may be preferable. Think about what kind of mood you want to set for your guests and let the music work its magic.

Gourmet Grill Master

Bar-b-que food is a staple of Memorial Day traditions, but it doesn’t have to be the same old hot dogs and hamburgers.  If you want some more complex flavors to delight your palate, a personal chef might actually be the grill master you’re looking for. Don’t get stuck behind the grill. Hang out with your guests, enjoy the music, and participate in the fun!  Let your personal chef take care of the menu planning, shopping and cooking.

In Good Company

What matters most, of course, is good company.  Surrounded by friends and family, everyone is sure to make some meaningful Memorial Day memories.  Casual get-togethers like these are also great opportunities to invite people you’d like to get to know better.  If there’s some of your kid’s friends’ parents, newcomers at church, or new neighbors you would like to know, invite them!  Creating a Facebook event is a great way to see who’s interested.  BBQ food can be a good crowd-pleaser, no matter who is invited.  

Skip the beach and campground crowds.  Stay home this year and have a stress-free Memorial Day BBQ in your own backyard.  Kick-back, relax, and enjoy your three day weekend!

4 Ways to Gather with the Gals for Galentine’s Day

Traditional holidays are being reclaimed by those who are tired of the same hum-drum or who simply do not subscribe to the commercialistic chaos which now characterizes many US holidays today. The term “Galentine’s Day” has now replaced the traditional “Valentine’s Day” for women who find much more enjoyment in gathering with their gals rather than face crowded, over-priced restaurants and cheap chocolates with their sweethearts.  Without further adieu, as a homage to sisterhood and solidarity, here are four ways to gather with the gals for Galentine’s Day.  

1. Go to the Movies

Meet up with the gals to go see a corny movie!  Let’s face it, most of the movies that come out for Valentine’s Day are super cheesy.  So what?  Make the most of it!  Go make fun of a silly movie and laugh, laugh, laugh with your gal pals. Laughter really is the best medicine. Here’s Fandango’s list of movies coming out on Galentine’s Day.

2. Take a Spa Day

The practice of self-care and self-love are too often neglected.  Multi-task by going to the spa — practice self-care and hang with the gals!  It doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Groupon has tons of spa deals.  Take a load off, be with your girls on Galentine’s Day, and treat yo-self.

3. Go Glamping

Speaking of coining words to transform a tradition — glamping is exactly what it sounds like:  Glamorous Camping.  Glamping is the perfect way to gather with your glamorous girlfriends for Galentine’s Day.  Whether you want to stay local or take an unforgettable journey somewhere, you can find your perfect destination using Glamping.com.  Be one with nature and one with your sisters without getting too much dirt in your hair.

4. Have a Fanciful Feast

Obviously you won’t be getting a decent reservation anywhere worth going amidst all the congested couples, but if you hire a private chef you can gather with your gals at home and have a grand ol’ time!  You can confer with your chef about menu options and really personalize your Galentine’s Day experience.  

If you’re tired of the boring traditions and over the commercialism, create your own traditions with your gal pals and do something fun and unique!  In the end, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating love.  Celebrate the love you have for your fellow sisters and have a light-hearted night of fun on Galentine’s Day.

5 Ways to Make Your Los Angeles Christmas Joyful

Los Angeles isn’t just for summer vacations.  Christmas in Los Angeles is just as joyful and eventful as the 4th of July – and you can still enjoy the beach weather!  Here are 5 ways to make your Los Angeles Christmas even more joyful.

Music & Shows in the Entertainment Capital

Music certainly sets the tone for this holiday.  You know it’s the Christmas season when stores start playing Christmas music, but there are more ways to get holiday cheer than going to the mall.  Check out losangelestheatre.com to see all the best holiday performances coming up in the Los Angeles area.  If you have your heart set on seeing the more traditional Nutcracker performance by Moscow Ballet, get your tickets early as they sell out fast!

There’s Snow in them there Mountains

Snow in Los Angeles?  LA isn’t known for its white Christmases, but there are nearby mountain areas to put you in the Christmas spirit.  Big Bear Lake has tons of snowy activities for the whole family.  They have a calendar of events and remarkably cozy cabins.  For more ideas on how to get in your fair share of snow this season, check out the activity list on Moms LA.

The Movie Experience

There’s nothing that brings more joy than snuggling up with a hot drink under a warm, knit blanket watching a Christmas movie.  It’s a Wonderful Life, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Miracle on 34th St. – all nostalgic holiday classics.  If you want to take the tradition outside and have a little fun, you can always stop by the El Capitan Theatre and see what movies they have for the holidays.  The El Capitan Theatre, owned by Disney, is an old-style theatre built in 1926 with modern cinematic technology.  They offer a truly unique movie-going experience with pre-show entertainment and areas where you can view original costumes and props from the movie.  

The Perfect Holiday Meal

Of course nothing brings joy like good food during the holiday season.  With seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin and butternut squash making their appearance again and decadent desserts decorate dinner tables.  Christmas is a food fantasy.  Make sure your holiday meal is done perfectly this year by hiring a personal chef to make your family a gourmet holiday feast.  (They’ll even carve the roast beast!)  Relax and spend time with your family while a expert chef takes care of dinner.

Nothing Says Christmas like Friends & Family

No matter where you live, friends and family are what make the holidays joyful.  Make sure you take some time away from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and spend some time with the people you love this season.

Christmas carols on the radio, the Nutcracker live on stage, snowy mountains, immersive movie experiences, meals cooked to perfection, and family are all the ingredients you need for a joyful Los Angeles Christmas holiday…and maybe just one day at the beach. Merry Christmas, folks!

personal chef Thanksgiving

How to Have a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Gathering at Home

With the whirlwind of the holidays, it’s not always everyone’s favorite time of year.  Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a stressful time for folks.  The last two months of the year are nothing short of busy, but here are some ideas to make your Thanksgiving or “friendsgiving” gathering stress-free.  

A Time for Relaxation

The Game

Thanksgiving is a time for family love, turkey love, and the love of the game.  There’s nothing more American than watching football and eating turkey with your family on Thanksgiving.  Even though I’m not a year ‘round football fan myself, the sounds of football on in the background is a Thanksgiving tradition that immediately sparks my soul with nostalgia.  Plus, the commercials are just as entertaining as the game itself!  Relaxing with the game on is a definite must for a true, stress-free Thanksgiving gathering.

The Parade

For any non-football lovers in the family, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is always a sure hit.  If you can’t be at the parade in person, you’ll definitely want to watch the giant floats and awesome performances from the comforts of your home.  You can learn about the history of the famous annual parade on the parade’s website.  

Charlie Brown

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is another Thanksgiving classic that puts me right in the autumn spirit.  This is usually an after dinner, pumpkin pie a-la-mode activity at our Thanksgivings.  If you don’t already own it, you can buy it on Amazon and get free two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime.  At the end of a warm, cozy meal there’s nothing better than snuggling up with the kids in the family and sleeping off the turkey with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving lullaby.   

Let’s Play

Board Games

Watching football and a parade on TV is not always sure to keep the kiddo’s entertained for long.  Having board games on hand is a great way to bond with the whole family on this day of gratitude.  Even if there are no kids at your family gathering or friendsgiving, board games bring folks together.  If there are new people at your gathering this year, board games are a great way to bond and get to know them.  If you’re looking for new games to bring out during your Thanksgiving gathering, Barnes & Noble has a brilliant assortment of new and classic games.

Outdoor Games

When people start getting restless watching football, playing your own game of touch-football is sure to make amazing memories.  If the weather permits, touch-football is a great way to get everybody up and connecting.  Whether your gathering has athletes or folks who prefer not to keep score, outdoor games get the good vibes going.  Getting outside is one part of the recipe to a stress-free Thanksgiving.  


Having a little craft station set up somewhere is always a hit with kids.  Whether they have pumpkins to paint, paper to print on, or masks to make, crafts can keep kids creating for hours.  If they seem really into it, you could even make an event about everybody showing off what they made after dinner!

The Main Event


With all the fun relaxing and playing with your family, it seems like a shame to step away from all of that rare time together to make dinner.  When you hire a personal chef for Thanksgiving, you don’t have to.  Relax, play, and bond with your loved ones at your stress-free Thanksgiving gathering.  Let your personal chef from Hello Cheffy serve you all that warm comfort food.  


In the end, Thanksgiving is a day for gratitude.  Going around the table and sharing what you are thankful for while enjoying a gourmet meal prepared by your personal chef will bring lasting memories.  When you share out loud what you’re grateful for, it truly echoes in your heart any and all abundance you have in your life.  It is important to consciously recognize that if not every day, then at least once a year.

Now that you’re filled with inspiration and resources, go have an amazing, stress-free Thanksgiving!  Whether you’re gathering with your family for a traditional Thanksgiving or your chosen family for a friendsgiving, remembering all that you’re grateful for is what will make this holiday a nostalgic one.  

Halloween party

Halloween Party Planning for the Party Monster in You

That time of the year is finally here – pumpkin spice themed drinks, sweaters and scarves, cool weather – fall is here!  ‘Tis the season for butternut squash soup, hot buttered rum, and yes, Halloween parties! Everyone is pumped for pumpkin season. Here are some tips for your ghoulish gathering this year.

Get Creative with Theatrical Themes

It may seem like a Halloween party theme is obvious, but there is so much room for creativity!  There are, of course, certain obvious and kid-friendly options such as a Harvest Festival or Nightmare Before Christmas.  These types of Halloween parties are a blast and have so many creative possibilities.  If you’re a more die-hard day of the dead fan, you could base you party off of a more adult movie such as The Shining or Carrie.  However, a Halloween party can really hop with interactive themes such as Murder Mystery or Haunted House.  Theme possibilities are abundant and Pinterest has the motherload!

Enjoy Festive Food

After choosing a festive theme for your Halloween party, you may be wondering what wicked food will match it.  Search no further than your party’s very own private chef.  When you hire a chef using Hello Cheffy, you can discuss a menu sure to make all your party monsters mad with merriment.  Plan everything with your chef from eerie appetizers to devilish desserts – even some creepy cocktails!  The possibilities are endless with a private chef.

Use Décor to Die For

Of course your décor depends on your theme, but once you’ve chosen a theme for your Halloween party, head on over to your favorite discount store!  Pinterest is often the #1 go-to for any DIY party décor.  If you’re not feeling very do-it-yourselfy, places like World Market and Target definitely have your back.  World Market always has unique décor for any occasion, especially holidays.  Target also has amazing décor and can sometimes surprise you with the treasures to be found in their dollar section!

Whatever your Hallow’s Eve theme, there is food and décor to match.  Now you’re equipped with inspiration!  Stay spooky, party monsters.


Hire a Catering Chef

Hire a Catering Chef for Your Next Party

Party planning can be a major headache, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Holidays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, weddings, family reunions – no matter what the celebration, hiring a catering chef will turn an event into THE event!

It’s Convenient

Let’s be honest, we have been spoiled by Netflix and Amazon and every other service that makes it easy to never leave home.  We can now have our date nights at home and just about anything can be delivered to us.  But, we work hard to keep a roof over our head, so we ought to really enjoy the comforts of home! Having the party come to you, with a catering chef, is an invaluable convenience.  And, restaurants simply cannot provide the intimacy of being at home.  So celebrate the sweetness of home by hosting your parties at your house.

It’s Chic

The ambiance of restaurants and fine dining have an alluring appeal.  But, a catering chef can tastefully provide a similar air without the crowd of a restaurant.  Catering chefs can create gourmet, restaurant-quality meals in your own home.  Without a doubt, when your guests see what exclusive treatment feels like, they are sure to see your swanky soiree is truly chic.

It’s Customizable

Being able to have a personalized experience is the main draw to hiring a catering chef.  There’s nothing like being the only party in the place!  You get a unique, VIP experience when hiring a catering chef. What’s more, you can talk to your chef about menu options that suit the specific needs and desires of you and your guests.  From meals customized for dietary restrictions to themed party preferences, a home dinner party gives you the flexibility to explore creative ideas with a trained culinary professional.

With a convenient, chic, and customized experience, hiring a catering chef may be the easiest party decision you’ve ever made. Hire a catering chef with a dash of class, a pinch of panache, and voila – your party’s a smash!

4th of July celebrations

How to Have a Luxurious 4th of July

School’s out for summer and the smells of tender grilled meats and ripe summer veggies are under our noses.  That’s right, the 4th of July is coming up quickly and this blogger can hardly believe the year is half done!  Nevertheless, travelers and beachgoers are gearing up for summer getaways. Add a little luxury to your summer vacation with the tips below for creating the perfect Independence Day holiday.

Sleep Better

Instead of sharing a hotel with hundreds of tourists this 4th of July, opt for something with a little more space – try renting a house on Homeaway instead.  They have hundreds of homes on their website with plenty of size options to accommodate your whole family.  Why settle for a small hotel room with other guests right on the other side of your wall when you could have the whole house to yourselves?  This is an especially attractive option for families traveling with young children. It adds an aspect of luxury and privacy you just don’t find in a hotel.

Glamp It Up

Do you want to get away from the city this summer, but don’t love the idea of wrestling with a tent and sleeping on the floor?  Glamorize your family camping trip this 4th of July by glamping instead. Yes, it’s a thing!  With sites like Glampinghub.com, you can camp in luxury by renting anything from extravagant tree houses to posh campervans.  Having all the luxuries of home in a unique setting with the beautiful outdoors at your feet is the best way to truly have your red, white, and blue cake and eat it too.


If the thought of planning a vacation overwhelms you more than it relaxes you, then you need to embrace the term “staycation”!  A staycation is usually used to identify a vacation at a local hotel or attraction in your own city. But, it can also mean making your own home a relaxing vacation.  A staycation at home is a luxurious treat when you hire a private chef for your 4th of July celebration.  If you simply desire some genuine relaxation that doesn’t involve tedious vacation planning, bring your vacation home!  Hire a private chef for your intimate family gathering. You’re sure to have a relaxing Independence Day, while enjoying the comforts of your own home.

There are so many ways to pamper yourself and savor the summer this 4th of July.  Whether you stay home or visit new places, luxury and relaxation is attainable.  Leisure and corn on the cob is calling you, answer the call with excitement!

Happy Father's Day

Your Go-To Guide for a Great Father’s Day Gift

Buying gifts for dads is hard. Why does it seem as though there’s always more Mother’s Day gift options than Father’s Day options? You can always buy your mom a candle, quirky household décor, or an accessory like a scarf or a pair of earrings. It’s not so easy to find a gift for dad, which is why it is helpful to have a guide like this!

Do the DIY

Making a Father’s Day gift is a heartfelt and cost-effective way to show dad you care. If you have kids, this is the clear choice. If there’s one thing moms and dads have in common, it’s that they’re suckers for handmade gifts from their young children. But what can you make for your dad that isn’t made of macaroni? There are tons of great ideas on everybody’s favorite DIY digital stop: Pinterest. They have plenty of options from beer caddies and mugs to BBQ tool holders. You can even search for “DIY father’s day gifts from adult”. Your dad is going to love your gift made with love.

Go-Go Gadget Dad

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that dads love gadgets. This may not always be the most inexpensive option, but if you have a little cash to spare on this gift, this is something your dad will definitely gush over. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to this gift option, try a gadget accessory instead. There are so many accessories out there that you can find at bargain prices, especially with a Costco membership. Iphone or Android phone case, Ipad or Android tablet case, camera bag, laptop bag – if there’s a gadget, there’s a case or a bag to protect it.

Family History Fun

One thing that makes my dad really happy is when I express interest in our family history. If I ask him a question, he will go on forever with a story. Why not give him some facts to back up those treasured anecdotes? Check ancestry.com for Father’s Day subscription deals. An ancestry kit would be the perfect gift for the story-telling dad, and it could truly give you both a lot of insight into your ancestral history. What a lovely gesture to show your dad how much you care.

Food is Fuel for the Heart

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (mine too!). What better way to make all the dads in your life feel loved than by hiring a private chef to serve your family in a little backyard soiree? This is a great way to get everybody together – dads, grandpas, and uncles alike – to make great memories. When you consider the time, energy, and money you would spend buying gifts for all these awesome dads, hiring a private chef really pays off! Creating the feel of restaurant dining in the comfort of your own home is a Father’s Day gift that will make the men in your life really feel like the dapper dads they are. Check out this blog post for tips on how to throw a low stress dinner party.

Whether you’re making a gift on a budget or feeding them fanciful feasts, dads are happy just to spend time with us. With that in mind, don’t stress too much about your Father’s Day gift. Dads have a way of knowing we love them.

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day

As a young woman, I usually bought my mother a typical Mother’s Day gift: chocolates, flowers, a pair of earrings or even a blender. I was thoughtful about which chocolates or which flowers. I bought the kind she likes. But, I never really sat down to think about the category of gifts. I was distracted by the promotions that bombarded me every time I went to a department store. Buy this candy for mom. Buy these spectacularly ordinary goblets for mom’s china cabinet. This dress would look great on mom.

The Value of Things

In more recent years, I’ve bought my mother things that I thought she’d like but also things I would like her to have. I bought her a necklace because I wanted to replace something she’d been wearing for a long time. I bought her shoes because, even though she is a granny, I didn’t want her wearing grandmotherly shoes! I bought her a Kindle so she could have all of her books in one place. But things get lost. Things wear out. Things collect dust. Things often go unused.

The Value of Experiences

This year, I’m doing something different. I am going to give mom an experience. In fact, I have started to focus on giving experiences rather than things for all my holiday and birthday giving. Experiences create memories. Experiences can last forever. I have not yet figured out which experience to give mom. There are so many to choose from! Travel is a great experience to give. Performing arts events can leave vividly memorable imprints. Bringing long-lost family and friends together to celebrate mom can be an unforgettable experience.

As you know, bringing people together is what we do at Hello Cheffy™. I enjoy hearing customer stories about celebrating a birthday or recent nuptials. A backyard barbecue with summertime music and games for everyone. Or, just an intimate dinner for two.

Enter to Win an Experience

While I have not figured out what to give my mom for Mother’s Day, I hope to create an experience she won’t forget. Perhaps you can create your own. This month, we’re giving you a chance to with the Hello Cheffy™ Mother’s Day Sweepstakes. Enter by April 30, 2017, for your chance to win!

In the meantime, we wish you success in finding the perfect way to celebrate mom.

Cheers to you!