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wedding favors

6 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to the traditional selection of wedding favors out there, it can be easy to get something too cheesy or unoriginal.  It is important when choosing wedding favors to

  • pick something that will bring your guests a pleasant memory of your special day,
  • pick something they aren’t just going to throw away, and
  • pick something elegant that exudes class.

Here are six wedding favors that embody all of those qualities.

Eat, Drink, & Be Married

Personalized wine glasses, champagne flutes, and beer glasses – there’s a container to satisfy every guest! You can get inexpensive personalized beverage glasses at Cheap Favor Shop.  This gift is certainly useful and when your guests see the elegant inscription, they’ll have lovely memories to match for years to come.

Spread the Joy

What is more adorable than a tiny jam or honey jar?  With a personalized sticker on it with a phrase along the lines of “Spread the Love” or “Meant to Bee,” it’s impossible not to smile at these little guys.  Whether your guests use it to spread some jam on their toast the next morning or to have a little honey with their tea, these cuties will give them sweet memories of attending your elegant affair.

Love Starting to Grow

If you don’t want to pay extra of personalization, a super simple gift is tiny succulents or bags of seeds.  You can find small, two-inch assorted succulents in sets of twenty at Urban Outfitters.  Or, you can go to Home Depot to get an assortment of flower seeds, put them in separate envelopes, and write something such as “Let Love Grow” on the outside.  This would be a great task for a bridesmaid!

Brew up a Good Time

Similar to the seeds idea, you could also have a bridesmaid pick up a big pack of coffee beans at Costco, separate them into envelopes (enough for one cup of coffee each), and write something to the effect of “Love is Brewing” on the outside.  This wedding favor is a useful and unique gift for your adoring guests!

A Novel Idea

As an extremely cost-effective wedding favor, have everybody in your wedding party donate any books they’re no longer reading. Each guest can grab a book on their way out.  If you don’t end up with enough books, have a member or two of the wedding party scout used books at dollar bookstores or on Amazon.  On top of the book library, you could have a banner letting guests know to grab one on their way out maybe saying something like “Our Chapter is Just Beginning.”  For the couple who is into reading, or for a smaller budget wedding, a book library is a lovely wedding favor.

Infused with Love

Infused olive oil is a gift everyone can use.  All you need is some tiny, one to two-inch glass containers, some fresh herbs, and some olive oil.  Put the oil in the containers with the herbs and viola! An elegant wedding favor is born.

There are six wedding favors that are useful, elegant, and unique!  Each one can also be personalized or tweaked to fit the theme of your wedding.  No matter what your guests leave with, their memories of your special day are sure to be sweet.

Visit Palm Springs

Palm Springs Vacation – A Unique Desert Getaway

Palm Springs is a must-see city with tons of ways to keep you and your loved ones busy.  With plenty to do during all seasons, you can truly have a unique experience any time of year.  Below are just some of the ways to enjoy your desert adventure.

Aerial Tramway

There is no way to beat the breathtaking views than when embarking on this journey thousands of feet above the ground.  Palm Springs’ famous Aerial Tramway takes passengers on a 2.5 mile, 10 minute trip with stunning panoramic views.  The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was completed in 1963 and underwent a modernization in 2000 to accommodate a unique rotating tram car design.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience on your Palm Springs vacation, the Aerial Tramway is sure to deliver.

Art Museum

Palm Springs doesn’t stop with its uniquely designed experiences and the Palm Springs Art Museum is no exception.  With diverse exhibitions, tours, workshops, lectures, and education programs, the PSAM has something to do for all ages and interests.  What makes this museum stand out, however, is the Annenberg Theatre built right into the museum itself.  Various film screenings and performances happen every month making this a must-see attraction on your Palm Springs Vacation.

Windmill Tour

Have you ever wondered how energy is converted from wind?  You can find out how the impressive windmills on the hillsides of Palm Springs use wind energy as a sustainable resource on the windmill tour.  You’ll travel on a tour bus to see beautiful desert views and, of course, those magnificent windmills while learning all about renewable energy.  Private tours are also available.

Living Social

If you’re still unsure about what to do on your Palm Springs vacation, check out deals on sites like Living Social.  Choose from a variety of discounted experiences such as luxury spa services, tours, and fitness classes.  If you need something to do on your vacation, there is no shortage of fun on Living Social.

Whether you want an action-packed, adventurous vacation or a kick-back, relaxing vacation Palm Springs has something for you.  What will you do on your unique desert getaway?

Hire a Catering Chef

Hire a Catering Chef for Your Next Party

Party planning can be a major headache, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Holidays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, weddings, family reunions – no matter what the celebration, hiring a catering chef will turn an event into THE event!

It’s Convenient

Let’s be honest, we have been spoiled by Netflix and Amazon and every other service that makes it easy to never leave home.  We can now have our date nights at home and just about anything can be delivered to us.  But, we work hard to keep a roof over our head, so we ought to really enjoy the comforts of home! Having the party come to you, with a catering chef, is an invaluable convenience.  And, restaurants simply cannot provide the intimacy of being at home.  So celebrate the sweetness of home by hosting your parties at your house.

It’s Chic

The ambiance of restaurants and fine dining have an alluring appeal.  But, a catering chef can tastefully provide a similar air without the crowd of a restaurant.  Catering chefs can create gourmet, restaurant-quality meals in your own home.  Without a doubt, when your guests see what exclusive treatment feels like, they are sure to see your swanky soiree is truly chic.

It’s Customizable

Being able to have a personalized experience is the main draw to hiring a catering chef.  There’s nothing like being the only party in the place!  You get a unique, VIP experience when hiring a catering chef. What’s more, you can talk to your chef about menu options that suit the specific needs and desires of you and your guests.  From meals customized for dietary restrictions to themed party preferences, a home dinner party gives you the flexibility to explore creative ideas with a trained culinary professional.

With a convenient, chic, and customized experience, hiring a catering chef may be the easiest party decision you’ve ever made. Hire a catering chef with a dash of class, a pinch of panache, and voila – your party’s a smash!

fifth wedding anniversary

Gift and Celebration Ideas for a Fifth Wedding Anniversary

People have been celebrating anniversaries for centuries.  As traditions progressed over the years, themes have developed for each year and the way we celebrate has changed.  One thing has stayed the same, however, and that is the integrity of a devoted marriage.

In this post, we focus on ways to commemorate a fifth wedding anniversary.



The traditional gift theme for a fifth wedding anniversary is wood.  Wood is said to represent a strong and solid commitment, which anyone who has been married five years can attest to.  A custom-made wooden box by woodengiftbox.com can be a unique and meaningful gift.  The company have tons of customizable options from wine boxes to jewelry boxes.  From chic West Elm shelves to crafty Etsy wood carvings, there are tons of wooden gifts to commemorate the strength in your commitment.

Silverware and Sapphire

In lieu of wood, a more modern tradition tends to be silverware. Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of beautiful flatware and silverware suitable for any anniversary celebration gift.  As a shimmering alternative to wood or silverware, sapphire is also a gift themed for the fifth anniversary. The American Gem Trade Association named sapphire the official gemstone of the fifth anniversary.  So for those of you celebrating with your wife or needing to drop a hint to the hubby, female-centric sapphire jewelry is a brilliant idea!


An Intimate Evening

When celebrating a milestone anniversary, nothing beats an intimate evening alone.   While cozy and casual Netflix nights are great for your ordinary weekend hangouts with your significant other, hiring a private chef can really raise the romance level.  Allow yourself to relax in the intimacy of your own home with a gourmet meal to break up the routine.  Take a load off and have the extra glass of wine – you won’t have to drive home!

Family and Friends

If you know someone whose fifth wedding anniversary is coming up, show your support by celebrating their milestone with them. Hire a private chef to come to their home and reunite the wedding party.  A great way to do this could be to recreate their wedding menu – perhaps with a special five year anniversary twist!  Reminisce over the past five years of tender moments with tender meats and delicious veggies.

Whatever the gift or however the celebration, a fifth wedding anniversary is evidence of a solid commitment of love.  Whether you’re celebrating your own anniversary or that of someone close to your heart, you now have plenty of elegant ways to share in that love.  Celebrate love every day – happy anniversary!