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8 Undeniable Reasons to Love Celebrations

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When was the last time you celebrated something good that happened in your life? Take a moment and let those good memories come back to you. How did you feel? Content, happy, excited? No matter what you’re celebrating, here are eight undeniable reasons to love celebrations.

1 The Anticipation Motivates You

When life starts to get into that monotonous rhythm of sleep, eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat, you just need something to pull you away. Celebrations do that perfectly. When you put that event on the calendar, all of a sudden, you have something to look forward to as you work. It’s the motivation—the mantra of “just a few more days of this and then I’ll be able to see my friends, eat great food, and relax”—to get yourself to put your best work out before the big day. Sometimes the anticipation is the best part of the party.

2 Celebrations Have Amazing Food

Now let’s talk about that food. It’s party time and obviously, there’s going to be delicious food. If it’s a home party, you might be having a potluck or even a personal chef, just something home-cooked and amazing. Celebrations are one of the few times when you’re allowed to just eat. You save up for that day by eating healthy so you can try a few things from whatever the hosts (or you) decided to provide for guests. Maybe you’re in for a surprise, something you’ve never tasted before! Or maybe you’re getting the special food you never eat unless you’re celebrating.

3 Celebrations Bring People Together

Let’s not forget about the guests. Whether it’s a Christmas work party, your friend’s birthday, or a cultural celebration, you’re going to meet amazing people or see old friends. Maybe you’ve had a party where you reconnected with someone or grew closer to someone. Either way, it’s fun looking back at memories you made with different people.

4 Celebrations Make You Happy

There has been so much research done that shows that celebrating makes you happier. It brings you out of that funk you’re in. Celebrations, by their vary nature, bring you to people. It just breaks you away from the life you’re in and gives you a moment to reset. It makes you happier.

5 Anything Can Be Celebrated

A birthday, work promotion, baby shower, move-in party, or even the end to your favorite television series that had the best run: you can celebrate it. Anything good that has happened is fair game for celebrating as long as it’s important to you. That means big or small, if you want to commemorate the moment, go ahead.

6 Celebrations Don’t Have To Be Expensive and Extravagant (But They Can Be If You’d Like)

Host them at home, find good deals! You don’t have to drive to a fancy restaurant and have an expensive, impersonal party. Instead, you can celebrate at home, maybe even hire a personal chef to cook for you and your guests! You can have a huge birthday party with hundreds of people or you can have ten friends come over to have an intimate gathering. No matter the size of your celebration, it’ll be great.

7 Celebrations Create Memories That Keep You In the Moment

Good things happen, but eventually, they fade away and pass. A celebration allows you to savor the moment and really take a moment to just bask in the moment. Every time you celebrate, it’s something out of the ordinary, right? It’s something to mark the occasion and it gives you a little snapshot for you to keep with you. Whether or not you take pictures, you get memories that stay with you. You can look back and smile at. It breaks you away and you’ll remember where you are.

8 You Can Celebrate on Your Own

Yes. You can celebrate on your own. You can do all the above on your own. The point of celebrating is to mark the occasion. If you can do that on your own, then kudos to you.

Celebrate everything! Enjoy the food, the company, the ability to just be in the moment and remember the good things that have happened.