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7 Little Ways to Make Your Birthday Party Extra Special

Lighting birthday cake candles.

Once every year, you get one big day: Your Birthday. You only get one every365 days, so you have to make a big deal about it. Birthday parties are a great way to commemorate and create memories to celebrate a wonderful year that has passed. However, as more years pass, it gets harder and harder to remember each individual party. Every birthday should be special and memorable, so here are seven little ways to make your birthday party extra special.

Try Different Birthday Cakes

Don’t ditch the cake with candles, but if you want to set your party apart from others, try to incorporate a different dessert. If you’re not tied down to the traditional vanilla or chocolate birthday cakes, explore new ones to make a more memorable birthday party. Just imagine being able to remember each birthday by the cake flavor you had each year. However, make sure that you actually like the cake before your special day. You don’t want to be stuck with a flavor you absolutely despise and have that sour the rest of your birthday party. Go outside the traditional birthday cake. You can try a cheesecake or a tres leches cake if you want to try something truly different!

Try Different Foods

Like with the cake, if you aren’t set on one kind of food, try different kinds. It’s a day to celebrate you, so pamper yourself and have food that you wouldn’t get on a daily basis. Make it different from your everyday lunch and dinner so your birthday party will feel even more special. Try foods you don’t often get and don’t hold back! You can get cajun food, Thai, sushi, tacos, barbecue and so much more! Just get something you don’t normally allow yourself to dive into!

Hire a Personal Chef

Your party should be somewhere you’re most comfortable, so why not from your own home? Hello Cheffy has chefs with so many different specialties, you’ll be sure to have a spectacular and unique party with delicious foods. Your party will be in the comfort of your own home with a personal chef cooking and doing all the work. It’ll be stress-free and you’ll have a delicious, personal meal that’ll be sure to impress both you and your guests. You can get a no-obligation quote for your birthday party at hellocheffy.com.

Serve Mocktails Along with Your Cocktails

Not everyone drinks alcohol but you don’t want to exclude them from the party. Let them join in the fun with a mock drink! This creates a much more inclusive party that will help everyone feel welcome. Get a more sophisticated atmosphere at your party by giving an option other than soft drinks and water. Self magazine published an article with some interesting mocktails you can serve at your birthday party.

Create Physical Birthday Invitations

Everything is online and digital and easy to forget about. A digital invitation can get lost under the thousands of texts or emails sent. Consider sending physical invitations by mail, or hand them out in person so guests have something to hold onto and put where they can see. It’ll help your guests remember your birthday and they’ll have a memento to keep.

Give Birthday Goodie Bags

Never let your guests go home empty-handed. If you want them to remember your party, give them a goodie bag with some candy, a thank you note, and/or a little keepsake to remember. You’ll want to thank them for celebrating and having a wonderful time with you at your birthday party. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to thank them in advance for any gifts they may have brought you for your birthday.

Take a Moment to Thank Everyone Who Has Helped You This Past Year

Birthday parties are meant to celebrate another beautiful year of your life accomplished. But of course, you didn’t do it on your own. If you want to make a difference at your party, you can take a moment to thank the people who made it to your party and who have supported you throughout the past year. Whether it’s your significant other, parents, guardians, best friends, or coworkers, take a moment and thank them for their contributions. This will help you feel grateful and will make your birthday party more meaningful.

Your birthday only comes once a year. Take advantage and throw a spectacular one with these little changes and set it apart from your previous years.